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Tiftec Board

aboutBrief Biography of the School Administrator

Name:   Dr. Yingsak Jonglertjesdawong
Birthday:  29th March 1956
Educational Background
1969 -   Graduated primary school at Neeranatwitaya School, Bangkok
1972 -   Graduated 3rd year of high school at Watnuanlanorndit School, Bangkok
1974 -   Received a Certificate of Education from Rajaphat Somdejaophraya College,      Bangkok
1976 -   Received an Advanced Certificate of Education from Rajaphat Thonburi College, Bangkok
1979 -   Took his Bachelor’s Degree at Sinkrinsawirot Batumwan University, Bangkok
1991 -   Received an Honorary Bachelor of Education Degree (B. Ed.) in the field of
Secondary education from the Department of Home Economics at Rachapattonburi Institute merged with Ratanagosin College, Bangkok
2002 -   Received his Master of Education Degree in the field of Educational Administration from Rachapatbansomdetjowpraya Institute, Bangkok
2006 -   Received an Honorary Doctorate of Science Degree in the field of general Home Economics from Rachapattonburi University, Bangkok

Work History

1982 -   Was a quality control and analysis officer at the Siam Flour Company.  This job refined his ability and skill in working and defining flour types by their properties.  Ability to make delicious confections with the different flour types.

1983 -  an invited teaching program (Thai cooking and Thai baking) at the Smiling Orchid Demonstration Centre, Singapore.

1984 to Present
         -   Held the post of Sales and Marketing Manager for Lamsoon Company (Thailand).  His responsibilities are to promote and instill baking knowledge with their palm oil products around the nation.
Chief Director of the Thai and International Technological College

Editor and Administrator of magazine Food News

Owner and operator of television program “Mae Dok Snoh Baan Chao”.  On air every Tuesday at 10:05 am to 10:30 am on Channel 9.

Owner and operator of television program “Nub Nueng…Tueng Fan”.  On air every Tuesday at 2:18 pm to 2:44 pm on Channel 9

Owner and operator of television program “Yingsak Food Variety”.  On air every Sunday at 1:55 am to 2:55 am on Channel 5 (TGN)

Owner and operator of television program “Aroy Yang Ying” on air every Monday at 1:55 am to 2:20 am on Channel 5 (TGN)

Owner and operator of television program “Food News and Life Magazine on TV” on air every Saturday at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on S Channel.

Owner and operator of program “Yingsak Rareung Krua”.  On air every Sunday at 10:25 pm to 11:25 pm on Channel 5 (TGN).

Owner of website:

Operator of “ Koo Ho Menu det” on air every holiday at 9:34 am to 10:30 am on Channel 9.

Dean of Faculty of Liberal Arts of Siam Technological College

 Principal of the Department of Technology and Cooking
(Techniques on how to cook).

 Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at Rangsit University

A Message from Chief Director and Administrator of School

  Dr. Yingsak Jonglertjesdawong To be a chef is an honorable career and holds dignity in society.  People frequently ask why there are so few Thai chefs successful at the international level.  To be a successful and highly functional chef, he or she must be able to organize his kitchen to perform and minimize cost and make use of any ingredients with the highest appeal and hygienic level. A wide knowledge on food and a disciplined trained  regimen with equivalent to internationally held standards.

TIFTEC was founded for this purpose of giving the new generation of youngsters the insight and interest in becoming a chef or working in the food industry, the opportunity to learn and perform in a well equip kitchen with a consistent regiment held to the same standards as international schools allowing our students to pursue their career at the international level.

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