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A Summary of School History

Thai and International Food Technological College (TIFTEC)

TIFTEC (Thai and International Food Technological College) started in June of 2004
by Dr. Yingsak Jonglertjesdawong at 1004 Rama 3 Road, Bang Pong Pang District,
Yannawa District, Bangkok 10120.  Tel 0-2682-7644-6(Automatic teller with 10
numbers) Fax: 0-2682-8845.

The Thai and International Food Technological College is a first private vocational school in Thailand to teach in the field of food and nutrition under the supervision of the Private Education Commission Bureau of the Ministry of Education.  The course emphasizes the regimen of both theory and practice.  It begins with foundation of knowledge including the correct usage of cooking equipments, knowledge on basics of various kinds of food which enables students to systematically manage and assemble dishes correctly and safely.  A general knowledge of cuisines from different nations besides Thai cuisine like Continental, Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines are included.  Pastries and Confections are also included in the curriculum.

The Thai and International Food Technological College is open to applicants from Thailand as well as foreign students who are interested in food and have completed at least junior high school and wishes to receive a vocational training in the field of food and nutrition. Students who have successfully completed the 3 year course at the Thai and International Food Technological College will receive a vocational education equivalent to a 12th grade education.  The diploma will enable the student to continue his/ her studies for a Bachelor’s degree or make a living or work in food related industries.  Students will also have the opportunity to practice working at different institutions both in Thailand and internationally.  Graduates will be able to set up their own food business if they decided not to continue their studies.

The Thai and International Food Technological College vicinity holds a large
demonstration room and classrooms equipped with modern equipments.  The practice
rooms for cooking and baking are both large and fully equipped with the latest
modern equipments.  It gives students familiarity with the equipments used in leading
hotels and restaurants.  There is also a library for those who are interested to study
or do some research.  There are both Thai and foreign qualified teachers.  In addition,
students can review their lessons at home by logging into the schools website at


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The School Seal

Thai name of school :  Wittayalai Technology Turakit Kan Ahan Thai Lae Nanachat
English name of school :  Thai and International Food Technological College
English Abbreviation:  TIFTEC


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